Gifted & Talented

Longmont High offers a robust Gifted Services program that supports the identification and programming for gifted students, grades K-12. In partnership with St. Vrain’s department of Gifted and Talented, we collaborate with staff, parents, and the community in support of advanced learners. The mission of Gifted Services is to ensure learning and growth through implementation of educational provisions and advocacy.

Longmont High School Gifted and Talented Mission:

Longmont High School will ensure gifted students’ learning and growth through educational provisions and advocacy.

Advanced Academic Programming Options:

Longmont High School offers a variety of opportunities for students to pursue their individual areas of strength and interests.

  • Honors and college preparatory courses
  • 26 Advanced Placement Courses- college credit upon passing exam.
  • 14 CU Succeed Courses- college credit/ University of Colorado Denver
  • Medical BioScience Academy- college credit opportunity/ partnerships with Colorado State University and University of Colorado Denver
  • High School of Business- college credit opportunities/partnership with University of Northern Colorado
  • Concurrent enrollment through Front Range Community College

At Longmont High School, we understand that every student’s academic path is unique. Our teachers and support staff are committed to providing our students with both excellent academic and affective support in an effort to ensure our gifted and talented students reach their full potential and achieve their goals.

Classroom Strategies:

Meeting the Needs of Gifted and Talented Learners at Longmont High School

  • Choice Based Assessment/Assignments
  • Grouping: regular opportunities to work collaboratively or individually
  • Vary Levels of Depth, Complexity, Pacing and Cognitive Skills
  • Individualized Pacing (faster/slower)
  • Pre-testing
  • Alternate ways to demonstrate mastery

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