Advanced Placement

The Advanced Placement curriculum (AP) constitutes individual AP subjects taught with the rigor of a university level course that offers students the opportunity to earn college credit while in high school. The curriculum of an AP course is challenging and goes into greater depth with the academic material than regular courses. AP courses require students to use analytical thinking, reading, writing, and problem solving skills. AP courses are taught using college level materials and teaching strategies.

LHS has a long and respected history of offering challenging AP courses in every subject area, so students may optimize their preparation for success at any university in the world.

Some of our AP offerings include:

AP Capstone

  • AP Seminar
  • AP Research


  • AP English Language & Composition
  • AP English Literature & Composition


  • AP Calculus AB
  • AP Calculus BC
  • AP Statistics

Computer Science

  • AP Computer Science A
  • AP Computer Science Principles


  • AP Biology
  • AP Chemistry
  • AP Environmental Science
  • AP Physics 1
  • AP Physics 2

Social Studies

  • AP Micro/Macro Economics
  • AP European History
  • AP Human Geography
  • AP Government and Politics: US
  • AP Psychology
  • AP United States History

Visual Arts

  • AP 2D Studio Art
  • AP Art History

World Languages

  • AP Spanish Language and Culture
  • AP Spanish Literature and Culture


  • AP Music Theory

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AP Capstone

AP Capstone™ is an innovative and exciting program that helps you stand out in the college admission process by developing the critical skills needed to succeed in college and in life. Completing the AP Capstone courses tells college admission officials that students are challenging themselves and preparing for the rigors they’ll encounter at their institution and beyond.

Two courses — AP® Seminar and AP Research — allow you to immerse yourself in topics that matter to you while developing the analytic, research, problem-solving, and communication skills that colleges seek in their applicants. This challenging program helps you deepen your passion for learning, gives you greater confidence in your academic skills, and provides a broader perspective on your world.

Benefits of the Program:

  • Distinction – Stand out in the college admission process and have the opportunity to earn valuable college credit or placement
  • Critical Skills – Students acquire rigorous college-level analysis, writing, and research skills that are increasingly valued by colleges
  • Choice – Students choose their own research topic and study issues and topics of interest and importance to them

Students learn how to

  • Design, plan, and conduct a year-long mentored, research- based investigation
  • Apply research methods and practices to address a real-world topic selected by the student
  • Write a college-level research paper, present and orally defend the findings and research methodology

Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research and on four additional AP Exams of their choosing receive the AP Capstone Diploma™. 

Students who earn scores of 3 or higher in AP Seminar and AP Research but not on four additional AP Exams receive the AP Seminar and Research Certificate.

For more information email Ms. Falkenberg or Dr. Dykstra.


Students at LHS can earn special AP Scholar Awards

These are national recognition awards for high school students who have demonstrated outstanding college- level achievement through AP courses and exam grades. These awards are administered by the College Board.

AP Scholar with Distinction: Students with at least 3.5 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher or at least five full-year AP exams.

AP Scholar with Honor: Students with at least 3.25 on all AP Exams taken, and grades of 3 or higher on four or more of these exams.

AP Scholar: Students with grades of 3 or higher on at least three full-year AP exams or the equivalent.

Why Take AP Courses?

  • AP allows high school students to take courses that are challenging, rigorous, and in-depth—exactly the kinds of courses they will face once in college.
  • AP prepares students for college.
  • The credits students earn for their AP achievements enable many students to pursue a double major, to study or travel abroad, or to undertake a combined bachelor’s and master’s program.
  • Students who participate in AP are ultimately given the responsibility to reason, analyze, and understand for themselves—essential skills to help students succeed in college.

Advanced Placement (AP) Courses will be weighted as follows

A = 5.0

B = 4.0

C = 3.0

D = 2.0

F = 0

Longmont High School participates in the College Board’s National Advanced Placement (AP) program. Many Advanced Placement courses are offered, and upon completion of an AP course, a student may choose to take the AP Examination in May. A student’s score on the examination may grant credit and/or placement in a higher-level course upon entry in a college/university. The cost of the examination is the student’s responsibility. Some scholarships based on need are available.

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