Concurrent Enrollment (CE)

College During High School

Concurrent Enrollment is a tremendous opportunity which provides access to college courses at Front Range Community College (FRCC) that may not be available at Longmont High School. St. Vrain will pay the tuition for college classes. Students taking concurrent classes must follow strict district guidelines in order for their tuition to be paid for.

Concurrent Enrollment Registration for Spring 2021 classes is now OPEN until December 11th!

​The most Frequently Asked Question… How can I qualify for Concurrent Enrollment courses?

  1. ​Surpass the highest level of a content area available in SVVSD*. For example, if a student completes AP Spanish, they may take higher levels of Spanish at FRCC.
  2. Take a course that does not exist in SVVSD, such as American Sign Language or Astronomy, just to name a few.
  3. Participate in a course at CDC or The Innovation Center that offers Concurrent Enrollment (The Innovation Center and CDC manage all aspects of Concurrent Enrollment for their courses)


  1. Know what concurrent enrollment class you want to take:
  • Sign up for the LHS “in-house” classes taught during the school day which are Public Speaking (COM-115) or Introduction to Criminal Justice (CRJ-110)
  • Search the FRCC Fall 2022 Course Schedule and Catalog to identify the course name/s and number for POTENTIAL courses (Course Schedule will be posted on 11/2/2020) 
  • Look at this list of Guaranteed Transfer courses offered at FRCC 
  1. EMAIL your school counselor or contact Kaitlyn Schiffelbein ([email protected]).
  2. Follow the STEPS to ENROLL at Front Range Community College 
    1. You must enroll at FRCC prior to applying for course approval with SVVSD (You’ll need your FRCC  ‘S number’  for your SVVSD application)
    2. Students who are already enrolled at FRCC do not need to re-apply​​ to FRCC. Skip this step if you already have a ‘S number’
    3. FRCC has created a fantastic application and  information video specific for Concurrent Enrollment students, check it out if you need assistance
  3. After emailing with your counselor and enrolling with FRCC, APPLY ONLINE with SVVSD for course approval, by 2:30 pm on Friday, December 11th, 2020. Use these instructions if you have questions about the CE form. 
  4. After submitting your SVVSD Application, Print your Program Agreement form, sign it, have a parent sign it and return to Katilyn Schiffelbein. You may email photos of this form.
  5. After completing the steps above AND RECEIVING your approval email from SVVSD, you may REGISTER for your course/s with FRCC.
    1. FRCC Registration opens on November 13, 2020
    2. Returning CE/FRCC students – Please register using your eWolf account
  6. Students who are NEW to Concurrent Enrollment: Complete the FRCC Online Orientation for High School Students at this link:

**Please note! It is the student’s responsibility to provide any support or accommodation plans to the FRCC instructor and college. 

**For visual step by step instructions click here

PLEASE DO NOT REGISTER FOR A COURSE FOR WHICH YOU HAVE NOT BEEN APPROVED.  If you do, you will be held responsible for paying the full tuition and fees for this class.

For more details, please refer to the SVVSD Concurrent Enrollment Info and checklist

Longmont High School’s Concurrent Enrollment Contact and SVVSD Concurrent  Enrollment Contacts:

Kaitlyn Schiffelbein, LHS Counselor, [email protected], 303.776.6014  X46321

Stacy Judson, SVVSD Curriculum Office, [email protected], 303.702.7591

Important Dates for Front Range Community CollegeNovember 2 – FRCC Online class schedule opensNovember 13 – FRCC Enrollment BeginsJanuary 19  – FRCC Classes BeginFebruary 3  – FRCC Drop DeadlineFront Range Community College ContactJaime Bertrand, [email protected], 303.678.3764

University of Colorado – Denver P-TEACH program offered at the SVVSD Innovation Center

PTEACH introduces SVVSD students to careers in education through four Concurrent Enrollment courses taught at the SVVSD Innovation Center but credited through CU – Denver

See the PTEACH flyer for more info!  Contact Wendy Howenstein, [email protected]

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