High School of Business

Empowering the Next Generation of Business Leaders

The Longmont High School of BusinessTM is a national program designed for student success. The program’s structure is tailored for students to achieve the skills and confidence to excel in college business administration programs or start their own business after graduation.

  • Rigorous + challenging
  • College-like business administration program of study
  • College connected
  • College credit options
  • Project based
  • Business Oriented Field Trips
  • Observational internship
  • School Based Enterprise
  • Extensive resources
  • Largest FBLA chapter in Colorado

If you are interested in the LHS High School of Business, please complete this form.

The High School of Business is a program of MBA Research and Curriculum Center, a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization operated by state education departments.

Longmont High School