Advanced Placement Chemistry

This course meets everyday for 1 semester and every other day the other semester.AP Chemistry is a rigorous laboratory science course intended for students with a high level of interest in science. This college-level course is the equivalent of two semesters of general chemistry including labs. The course provides students with a fundamental understanding of matter and change, scientific measurements, atomic and molecular properties, molecular geometry and bonding, solution chemistry, properties of solutions, gas laws, acids and bases, chemical equilibrium, thermochemistry, electrochemistry and chemical kinetics. Laboratory experiments are conducted in connection with most topics. A scientific calculator is required. This course prepares students for the Chemistry Advanced Placement Examination. Students may choose to participate in the CU Succeed Gold Program and earn 9 college semester credits for Chemistry.


Course Subject
Course Number
SC520A - SC520B - SC520C
Grade Level
Course Duration
1.5 year
Course Credit
1.5 AP weighted Credit
Honors Chemistry and Algebra 2
Course Fee