Student Council

Students cannot register for Student Council (StuCo), but must apply and be appointed to the class. This class is a leadership class in which the students will develop skills that include organization, time management, event planning, and other leadership skills. Student Council is also in charge of planning school events, hosting community service projects and attending team-building events such as leadership conferences. This is a great opportunity to develop your leadership skills and to get involved, but let it be known that the normal classroom requisites of responsibility, accountability, and work ethic very much apply. If you are interested in Student Council, you need to pick up an application from the main office or talk to Mr. Barnes. If you are an 8th grader who is interested, please follow the directions given to you at the time of registration.

Course Subject
Course Number
MS162A - MS162B
Grade Level
9, 10, 11, 12
Course Duration
1 Year
Course Credit
1 Credit
Application Process and Interview
Course Fee
Variable fees may apply.