Integrated English 9 and World Geography/History

This is an integrated course that incorporates the standards for English 9 and World Studies. Classactivities explore timeless issues and themes through literature and history. By identifying themes andpatterns students will be better able connect the past to the present using English as a vehicle. Areas ofstudy will include ancient civilizations and myths, cultural interaction and collision, revolutions andpropaganda, various governmental systems, as well as current events in the world. Products from thisclass will include essays, blogs, presentational projects, Socratic Seminars, and research papers. Studentswill develop essential skills in research, critical thinking, problem solving, reading, and writingas needed for future courses in either English or Social Studies. The course is team taught by instructorswho are passionate about teaching, learning, and instilling critical thinking skills in students topromote their understanding and awareness about the world around them.

Course Subject
Course Number
LA114AB and SS112AB
Grade Level
Course Duration
1 Year
Course Credit
1 Credit
Course Fee