Advanced Placement English Literature and Composition

This course is recommended for interested students who are willing to engage in an intensive and challenging study of a writer’s structure, style, and themes. Literary study involves close and mature analysis through critically reading and writing about representative literature from various genres and periods. Students are expected to read outside of class, to participate actively in class discussions, to complete assignments, to take examinations, to complete papers, and to work independently. This course prepares students not only for the AP Literature and Composition examination, but also for any subsequent college and professional writing. Students may also choose to participate in the CU Succeed Gold Program and earn 3 semester credits for English 1400 (Introduction to Literary Studies).  

Course Subject
Course Number
LA510A - LA510B
Grade Level
Course Duration
1 year
Course Credit
1 AP Weighted Credit
CP English 11 or AP Language and Composition.
Course Fee